Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment

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Raises Cetane, Disperses Water, and Controls Bacteria Growth

32 oz. Bottle – Treats 375 gal.

80% of all diesel fuel problems are water related. Condensation forms in the fuel tanks daily, all year long, potentially causing injector failure, icing, sludge, and the formation of acids.

Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment totally eliminates water and prevents these potential problems from occurring in your fuel system.


  • Eliminates water in fuel
  • Increases cetane up to 3 points
  • Decarbonizes and cleans the entire injection system
  • Lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Provides greater power and improves fuel economy
  • Provides easier starting in all types of weather
  • Stabilizes fuel making it ideal for winter fuel storage
  • Reduces smoking and emissions
  • Provides smoother performance
  • Contains no harmful alcohols

Totally disperses water, increases cetane, adds lubricity and stabilizes your fuel   

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